Finally a chance to celebrate together!

George and Lori, creators of Yoga, True Nature, 108 Inspirations, find some inspiration today as they finally had the chance to meet, face-to-face, to celebrate their publication.

“There have been lots of phone calls, but it’s nice to get together after such a large project that means a lot to the both of us” George says. “I managed to visit the Îles de la Madeleine again in August. It’s a very special place to me and the landscapes are truly inspirational.”

Lori was in Costa Rica during the most intense pandemic months, working to get her and her family back home to Canada. She says “The COVID crisis really shows how deeply we are all connected. I find my Yoga practice and lifestyle help me so much to remember and honour this inter-connectedness, and to bring great healing and transformation where it is most needed. Yoga is all about union, and coming together for the greatest good for all.”

Lori leaves us with a thought from the book:

yoga-reverse-namasteNamaste literally translates to “I bow to you,” which has been extrapolated within the yoga community to variations of “the divine light within me bows to the divine light within you.” Whether the connected palms are engaged in front or behind the heart, the core meaning remains the same: “I bow to you.”

I bow to you, knowing that even when I forget that you are my brother or sister on this planet, and I fall prey to the illusion that we are separate, I can always choose to remember our unity. Just as I bow to my light and yours, I also bow to the shadows we cast. I bow with forgiveness.
I bow with grace.

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