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Landscape photographer George Fischer has produced over sixty-five books in addition to prints commissioned by international companies, publishers and private collectors around the globe. He has also worked with tourist boards and international tour operators. In November 2017, George received the Ontario Tourism Award of Excellence in Photography. His book Unforgettable Canada was on the Globe and Mail’s bestseller list and sold over 75,000 copies. George Fischer resides in Toronto.

Inspiring Israel Images


Inspiring Israel Images2022-11-10T09:08:01-05:00

Forest Therapy

Of late, forest therapy, forest bathing or just a walk in the woods has become a priority to photographer George Fischer. Whatever you call it, the practice is ancient, but it comes to mean more to people at certain times in their life. George's new book Wood and Water will showcase some of the [...]

Forest Therapy2022-09-09T16:33:23-04:00

Keeping it real

ORT in Canada, an incredible organization that is building a solid foundation of learning for the next generation. And George Fischer has been pleased and privilege to help found the photography school in Israel. This was the jumping off point for this incredible book. Israel in wonderful colour and pattern plus a contest and [...]

Keeping it real2022-09-09T16:03:13-04:00

Doing things with passion

...and finding a way to cross tennis and photography! Donor Spotlight: George Fischer Giving back to the community – and defining community as the people you play and with and find connection with – helps fuel the passion for George Fischer. This is how to reach out to help up and coming athletes and [...]

Doing things with passion2022-06-09T11:41:28-04:00

Canada: Above and Beyond in Bogota

Nimbus Publishing and Vagrant Press: While at the Bogota Book Fair, our Canadian delegation had a reception thrown in our honour by the Embassy of Canada to Colombia (thanks to Angela Olarte and her team!). Karen McMullin of Nimbus Publishing had taken a copy of Canada: Above and Beyond by George Fischer Photography, art direction [...]

Canada: Above and Beyond in Bogota2022-05-03T15:36:14-04:00

Aerial photography book

Great promo work for Canada: Above and Beyond. Loving the view from below, of my book from above! Yonge and Dundas Square, Toronto :: getting in the Canada holiday mood! Wish I could've taken an aerial of this spot and great billboard! Plus, spotted along the Gardiner Expressway! I hope it [...]

Aerial photography book2022-01-05T14:45:42-05:00

Polar Bear encounter

Northern skies and rugged mountains, roaring frosty waters in hundreds of stunning images. Leaf through images and tales of the journey into the wild by renowned Canadian photographer George Fischer. EXOTIC CANADA • Northwest Territories • Nunavut A re-share on polar bears: important to the Inuit on a [...]

Polar Bear encounter2022-01-05T12:17:07-05:00
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