One of the most beautiful places in Canada, in Quebec, and in the Atlantic is Les Îles de la Madeleine. Or you might know it as the Magdalen Islands. Either way it’s a good place to know. Le Radar is getting the word out and we’re thrilled to be a part of that! Read on and you’ll see why the islands are loved by those who know them. Ocean waves wash sand beaches or crash on red cliffs that soar straight up from the water in layered patterns. You can walk for miles or rest in a cafe — or find a place that feels likes paradise (there are a lot of them) and try out your Yoga poses! Check out “Yoga – True Nature” for some ideas! And, the NEW RELEASE for spring 2021 is “Des Vagues et des Iles” – a bilingual book – “Wings Over Waves” that showcases some real hot spots with aerial imagery. Even if you’re familiar with the islands, you’ll get a new perspective in the pages of this book, with stunning and unique photos. Watch for them on our bookshelf here, or on Etsy: GeorgeFischerBooks. You’ll be glad you did.