George Fischer

Nimbus Publishing
Hardcover with jacket · 216 pages
9 x 9 inches
Language:  English
Released:  April 2013
ISBN:  978-1-55109-980-4

Toronto has grown to such a size and come to possess such a scope of urban possibilities that it defies generalization. The city outgrew its original nickname of Hogtown decades ago, and the moniker Toronto the Good is just as dated and irrelevant. Now Toronto is a city with a readily identifiable skyline that speaks of skyscrapers and prosperity. But it is also a conglomeration of distinct neighbourhoods and immigrant hubs, and each tells a different story of the different people that play a part of the whole. All combined, its temples to sport and religion are sometimes interchangeably grand. The seasonal festivals run from film to art, and Caribbean culture to Greek food. The best of its historic hotels, theatres and concert halls are as iconic as its immediately recognizable streetcars and streetscapes. Then there is the waterfront, the bike trails, public gardens, parks and other green spaces. Finally there are the people and their public spaces, which run the gamut from farmers’ markets to great restaurants, bars, and more nocturnal gathering places. In these pages award-winning photographer George Fischer turns his revealing lens on every aspect of that rich visual fabric, to uncover all its range of beauty and truth, and Jacob Richler adds the words that fill in the picture.