Ontario Moments

George Fischer

  Nimbus Publishing
  Hardcover with jacket · 256 pages
  10 x 10 inches
  Language:  English
  Released:  November 2016
  ISBN:  978-1771084376

For more than a million square kilometres in central Canada, the province of Ontario extends from the country’s southernmost point to the fringes of the Arctic. This offers visitors endless possibilities for unique year-round experiences depicted in photographer George Fischer’s vibrant moment. His views take readers deep into lush forests, shimmering waterways and rich farmland–and introduces them to soaring cathedrals of commerce, remarkable historical sites and colourful cultural festivities.

Powered by diversity in culture, business and geography, Ontario yields an extraordinary blend of historical and contemporary experiences. National historical sites mirror the past, while modern masterpieces such as the Royal Ontario Museum’s Lee-Chin Crystal, the granite-and-glass National Gallery of Canada and Science North reflect the future. Adding to the mix are natural wonders such as Niagara Falls, the Thousand Islands and Algonquin Provincial Park.

This four-season paradise is also famous for sports such as hunting and fishing, sailing and soaring, hockey, skating and skiing. For foodies and wine lovers, farmers–markets and wineries abound. And ethnic festivals celebrate everyone from Ontario’s First Nations to more than 100 different global cultures.

Enjoy your tour through this lively tome of George Fischer’s stories–and create your own moments in Ontario.