Northwest Territories, Naturally

George Fischer

Nimbus Publishing
Hardcover with jacket · 256 pages
9 x 9 inches
Language:  English
Released:  Summer 2021
ISBN:  978-1-77108-434-5

The Canadian north offers intrepid landscapes that inspire and thrill the wild heart. Unfold through these pages the natural wonders of the Northwest Territories from Yellowknife to Tuktoyaktuk with scenes from long stretches of highway to the Arctic Ocean shores. Be transported to the Nahanni National Park Reserve; hear the thundering water at Virginia Falls and explore the majesty of the Cirque of the Unclimbables.

Undisturbed hills crash like waves for miles around the sharp upturned peaks of mountains and the plunging cavernous depths of sinkholes. Plateaus sprawl across the highlands, blanketed by rock beds and dotted with shallow pools of crystal waters. Feel the steam of naturally-occurring hot springs and the cool stillness of glacially-sourced lakes.

George Fischer has expertly captured pure natural scenes alongside the brilliant cultural milieu with which the territories teem. His unparalleled eye for beauty has made him one of Canada’s most celebrated landscape photographers.

Adventure into the Northwest Territories’ most unbelievable sights, exhibited by an artistic lens.