Faroe Islands

Dancing Between Sea & Sky

George Fischer, Jón Gauti Jónsson

  Nimbus Publishing
  Hardcover · 288 pages
  6.5 x 6.5 inches
  Language:  English
  Released:  September 2017
  ISBN:  978-1771084383

A picturesque archipelago between Norway and Iceland, the 18 tiny Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean beckon nature lovers, adventurers, birdwatchers and sightseers. Through George Fischer’s lens, you’ll soar with giant gannets, rappel down sheer cliffs and revel in unspoiled beauty. You’ll stand on hallowed historical soil, admire ancient ruins – and savour the sea’s bounty in Faroese cuisine. And in this country inhabited by more sheep than people, you can learn how to hand-knit a legendary Faroese sweater.

Whether you hike, climb, dive or drive, you’ll be in good company. A paradise for more than 100 bird species, the emerald-green Faroe Islands offer some of the world’s best bird-watching as well as fishing and sightseeing. Remarkable structures – from ancient churches to charming country dwellings and dozens of lighthouses –will keep history buffs energized. Adding dimension to a fascinating cultural landscape are popular art galleries and festivals as well as natural wonders like the Mulafossur Waterfall and Lake Leitisvatn.

In his wide-ranging photographs, Fischer captures the peaks and valleys of pristine nature, the warmth of the Faroese welcome, and the personality of a special place largely undiscovered by mainstream tourists. Fasten your seat belts: This book will take you on an adrenaline-fuelled journey to that magical land