Boldt Castle

The Story of an Unfinished Dream

George Fischer and Anthony Mollica

  Nimbus Publishing
  Paperback · 80 pages
  7.5 x 9.5 inches
  Language:  English
  Released:  May 2006
  ISBN:  155109648X

Stunning photography and the touching story of a monument of love built on Heart Island. Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands Region of the St. Lawrence River stands as a remembrance of the magnificence of a bygone era. In 1900, George C. Boldt set out to build the castle for his wife, Louise. But four years after the project began, Louise died suddenly. Boldt halted construction and the castle was never completed. The existing structure fell into disrepair, until the 1970s, when restoration was undertaken by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority. Today, many boat tours take visitors to the island. In this beautiful photographic book, the author tells the story behind the crumbling castle he first encountered as a child, and its restoration.

Anthony Mollica Jr. is a respected authority on America’s antique and classic wooden boats and a former trustee of the Antique Boat Museum. He is also the author of Gar Wood Boats, the National Boating Museum’s 2001 Book of the Year. George Fischer is the author of numerous books, and his photos have appeared in Canadian and American newspapers and magazines.