The Thousand Islands

Seasons of the St. Lawrence

George Fischer

  Nimbus Publishing
  Hardcover with jacket · 256 pages
  10 x 10 inches
  Language:  English
  Released:  May 2019
  ISBN:  978-1771087117

For almost two decades, George Fischer has remained enthralled by the 1000 Islands region, which has become one of his favourite playgrounds. On every trip, he revisits popular spots, reconnects with local friends and uncovers new vistas, diversions, and tales. Through his photographic lens, he sees deep into the heart of the area’s storied islands and waters, people and nature. His images regale you with colourful sagas of romance and fun, passion and intrigue.

Defined by the rugged Canadian Shield, pine and deciduous forests, and sandy beaches, these bite-sized islands boast everything from secluded bays and private docks to charming cottages and massive mansions. And the waters are channels for tour boats, lakers and small leisure craft for fishing, exploring or visiting neighbors.

With this book, you can linger over luminous scenes, glistening water, or lush greenery. Touch the sun and the sky. Inhale the fresh air. Marvel over architectural feats and finely honed watercraft. All guaranteeing you a splendid journey into a magnificent and dynamic realm.